Chatgpt get stucked on code generation

Hello, i am new to chatgpt which help me alot, actually i m not a coder so i have no idea about code, so i have to do so many experiments on google and chatgpt then make a code. But i see that chapgpt help me alot so i ask them to create a code they done great job but most of times when code generating they got stucked/freeze. It saying Regenerate, then click on it after near to closing the answer got stucked again and then regenerate option comes.

So i saw that there is chatgpt plus, read some features and think that it will work great, i email you guys but no response from more then 7 days. So i decided to buy so today 9 April 2023 I buy gpt plus and then I try again but same thing happening to me. So what is the way for refund or how i can resolve this issue.

Thanks, sorry for the bad english

i am still waiting for the reply, any admin or moderator?