ChatGPT generating wrong news articles


I am running a News Website and using ChatGPT to generate articles by extracting feed titles from various news sources and rewriting it using ChatGPT.

I am using the following article assignment -

Generate an informative article on the topic, and break it into three paragraphs:

In 98% of cases, it’s working perfectly fine. But in cases of events that occurred on specific dates, it’s generating the wrong date in the article. For example -

An event occurred on 5th April 2023. If a similar event happened in the past, it’s writing an article on that previous event and previous event details by searching the internet.

How do I correct this? If anyone could guide me :slight_smile:

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Chatgpt knowledge cutoff date is September 2021, which means it do not have any information or data beyond that point.

I want ChatGPT to write articles on today’s news and not about previous events. How can I achieve that?