ChatGPT Frustrations: You Need to Read

Today, I find that using ChatGPT is akin to playing a game. I invest hours in crafting a perfect prompt, and it functions for a brief period. Suddenly, the interface crashes or some issue arises, forcing me to refrain from using the software for hours or even necessitating the creation of a new prompt due to the invalidation of the previous one.

This issue has persisted from the beginning, but with the latest updates, it has become exceedingly problematic. It’s evident that the software doesn’t permit me to work as I desire.

The “Explore” feature doesn’t operate correctly, and GPT-4 is subpar, while version 3.5 is only suitable for basic programming tasks.

Notably, immediately after the “BIG UPDATE”, the software worked flawlessly for a few days, only to deteriorate afterward.
I could have been making even more progress and stepping away from the computer. As it stands today, I still find myself dedicating countless hours, waiting for ChatGPT to function more reliably, or even reconfiguring a new prompt to resume work. The current state of affairs demands significant patience, which could otherwise be spent on more productive endeavors.

Fortunately, Gemini is on the horizon, as I’ve grown weary of these issues. I believe that with better software, I could have made even more progress.

I implore you to cease these disruptions.

I wouldn’t place too much hope on Gemini Pro. Ultra perhaps, but so far Pro has been a disappointment for me: Google launched Gemini. Is it better than GPT-4? - #13 by SomebodySysop

To be clear, I am specifically referring to the API. The chat interface could be the best thing ever – but that’s not my focus of interest.