ChatGPT feature request: Shared chats get different icon to prevent accidental deletion (or improve feature)

  • Presently: In the ChatGPT conversation history, conversations that you’ve shared are not indicated in any way.

  • Problem: Deleting the conversation also 404’s the shared version that one might have thought was a permanent separate link.

  • Interface: No warning is given when deleting that the conversation has a shared variant that will also be deleted.

Improvement Step 1: Different icon, hover indicating it was shared at some point.
Improvement Step 2: Completely unlink a share from conversation history.

Also, there is moderation and deletion of shares going on in the background, killing shares that show ChatGPT acting in any different way, such as a “you are now a princess” prompt, or “lets play a game” prompt. This takes multiple steps back to the original conversation to even discover this action was taken. Just stop, problem solved.