ChatGPT feature request - English virtual tutor functions

Could you please upgrade the ChatGPT program to make it a virtual tutor for English learners? I hope to have these features on the program:

Users speak with the AI via the microphone and the app convert it to text and display it on the screen.
AI talk on the speaker and display what it said by the text concurrently on the screen.
This mean the user and AI have verbal conversations with the text of the dialogs displayed and saved to the user’s account (in the conversation history I think).
When the user’s words are hard to hear and the AI didn’t recognize them, AI will ask the user something like “Pardon me? I didn’t hear it clearly. Could you please type the message you said again on the screen?” and user will retype the message in the chat box. If the AI detect that user has mispronounced a word in the message they said, AI will pronounce it again and point out which part of the word user has mispronounced. This mean the AI act as a native speaker correct pronunciation mistakes for users.
When users ask AI to give an illustration for a word they did not know, AI will show a picture of the thing on the screen. This mean the AI give us a way to see the things we want and help us have a vision of what we are learning.

Waiting to see it on the program and thank you for the great application.

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