ChatGPT Error, Game Didnt released and have players daily?

"I requested from ChatGPT a list of ‘5 games for a database, including the number of daily users, name, creation date, genre, age group, publisher, price, and platform.’ In response, the 5th game entry mentioned ‘Creation Date: May 20, 2024,’ and ‘Number of Daily Users: 150,000.’ I pointed out that this seemed inaccurate. ChatGPT explained, ‘The creation date is often used as internal information to track the beginning of game development, not the actual market launch.’ Despite this clarification, it mentioned a ‘Launch Date: June 25, 2024,’ even though the game hasn’t been released yet, questioning how there could be daily players if the game isn’t available.

Btw, i use chatgpt to make this text :slight_smile: