I just started using GPT4 today from months using 3.5, and i asked a simple question that got denied with: “Something went wrong 80b50ea0cc5a8c53- EWR”.

Even when i opened a new chat, cleared the chat, and just asked simple questions like why am i getting this code- i kept getting the l row error and i can’t find any articles online about it

There’s other services that ChatGPT must contact over the network, like the Captcha service that pops up puzzles to make sure bots don’t get to GPT-4.

I’d investigate browser extensions or firewall products that could be interfering with loading these extra parts of browser code.

You can give more details about device, OS, browser, etc, if you don’t just want random guesses of what’s going on.

This was on the latest chatgpt Android app. When i tried the web version, it gave me a proper error message taking me, i had exceeded the cap until (gave me a certain time) and offered to downgrade my conversation to 3.5. My follow up question is, which i can’t find a concrete answer for: if i downgrade a conversation can i switch it back?

Good that you found out what was behind a mysterious mystery message.

I can’t verify a current operational technique, but you can see search results from before for editing the conversation url in the network request or other such ideas. Be wary of browser extensions as they are a danger zone of account theft.

The logical thing would be to put a button “upgrade 3.5 conversation to 4.0?” and “move 4.0 conversation to 3.5”. In the edit conversation mode, have “save, and 4.0 answers” or “save, and 3.5 answers”. Ideas are a dime a dozen, though.