ChatGPT doesn't have the books from "internet Archive" in the database and he doesn't even know how to search for on

hello. Even on GPT-4 Pro, ChatGPT doesn’t have the books from “internet Archive” in the database and he doesn’t even know how to search for on

For example I want the summary of the book: “Ratiu, Eugen - Cum Tratam Tulburarile Motilitatii Oculare”

I told ChatGPT to search on Internet Archive like this:

But it doesn’t know how to do that. I also use GTP-4 plugins such as: WebPilot, VoxScript, Metaphor Search, Access Link, Link Reader. But stil, doesn’t know hot to search.

Each book, have many extensions there. But there is the option “FULL TEXT” with each book scan by OCR, and with _djvu.txt extension.

So, ChatGPT must know how to find this _djvu.txt extention on each book.

By the way, I think ChatGPT must use the Internet Archive database, because is the largest book project in the world.