ChatGPT does not work when logged in, does otherwise

I am at a loss. I have used ChatGPT from multiple devices. My laptop, iPhone, iPad, all works fine. I am a ChatGPT Plus subscriber as well. On one desktop specifically, at work, I am able to use ChatGPT as well, UNLESS I log in. I have tried deleting cookies, tried using a fresh browser with ZERO extensions, and tried both logged in and not logged in. When not logged in, I am able to use 3.5 with no issues. However, as soon as I log in, using 3.5 no longer works and switching to 4 also does nothing and I just receive a spinning wheel after submitting my text.

Having the same exact issue here. Works on all iOS, but on PC only works if NOT signed in.

Same, it’s so frustrating. I have signed up for a paid account and now it’s non-responsive. Cannot find any link to customer service.