ChatGPT does not translate the sentences correctly, because it uses paraphrasing

I gave ChatGPT 2 links (2 articles, one written in Romanian and one written in English), to read and show me if there are mistakes in the translation in the English file.

The problem is that the phrases in my articles, ChatGPT is instructed to paraphrase them, which causes the translation to be wrong. Example:


Română: “Maturitatea este calea de ieșire din amăgirile copilărești, din acea lume a iluziilor și așteptărilor nerealiste, din acea lume a neîncrederii și a neputinței, din acea lume a neîmplinirilor și a regreților.”

Engleză: “Maturity is the way out of childish delusions, from that world of illusions and unrealistic expectations, from that world of distrust and powerlessness, from that world of unfulfillment and regrets.”

The problem is that I don’t have any phrase in Romanian with these terms, but I have a similar phrase, which ChatGPT paraphrased.

Therefore, ChatGPT cannot be used for proofreading translations.