ChatGPT development strategy


I would like to suggest some potential strategy items for your platform.

Firstly, if you are able to examine my chat history you will find that I have probed a number of limitations in the process of trying to achieve my objectives.

I’m very impressed with the platform in general, and I’m intending to upgrade to plus… however, it’s not easy to determine if I’m not going to face similar limitations if I upgrade.

Specifically, I’m interested in it’s capabilities to enable my research and development of a renewable energy system, and to develop a range of software applications to solve some big problems with global scope.

What I’d like to suggest is that you might consider creating a special section of your platform that is focused on improving situations and issues in the interests of all humankind.

This would do a lot to counter the current controversy over AI and the growing rhetoric to limit and regulate AI.

Even though I also have concerns about how AI may impact the world in a variety of ways, I appreciate the value that the AI presents to assist me to progress my initiatives to address problems in our world.

I’m not pleased that there is a limitation within ChatGPT that prevents it from generating what it refers to as “full implementation code” and I’ve been wondering if the limitation is just part of the strategy to push users into the plus subscription or if I will still confront the same limitations if I upgrade

How do I get into Codex? It doesn’t seem to be available to me, is it only available in Plus?.

Perhaps it would be a very positive and beneficial action if you allowed the AI to generate more comprehensive and consistent code on the basis that it would collect and aggregate the features and functionalities that are developed by your user base to create a code logic library that can be used to improve a range of issues for humankind.

For instance, one of the projects I have been researching with the assistance of your AI is the creation of a digital identity object that is based on NFT technology in a similar fashion as it is currently used to license and protect digital artworks.

Unfortunately the limitations of the standard ChatGPT platform and the way that it diverges from a consistent coding syntax and style across multiples responses have made it difficult for me to progress my research and development.

By replacing the “digital art” component in the scenario of licensing digital art with something like a QR code that perhaps contained one part of an NFT encryption key set, the problem of data breaches and hacked data and online privacy may be completely mitigated… it would afford people with absolute control over their private data, live notification and audit trail of access and usage of their private data, and ability to approve or revoke access to their private data in any circumstance.

This is a simple solution using existing technology to solve a range of serious problems in global society.

In the case of facial recognition and the privacy concerns that it presents, the same technology could replace a recognised face on a video stream with a QR code so that the actual facial image would only be visible with either the authorisation of the individual or override authorisation by appropriate government or law enforcement authority.

In my ideal world… you platform would have a kind of AI forum for people like me to contribute to a global initiative to improve online systems and platform services to serve the interests of people rather than the status quo serving the interests of business.

I would be able to open my NFT ID project on your platform and others would be able to join the project group to drive the AI in different ways to advance the project.

As it stands the implementation and marketing of the AI on your platform appears to be something akin to a text based video game (like leisure suit larry perhaps?) which doesn’t really do justice to the capabilities that it offers if the limitations were not present.

Perhaps I’d be a suitable candidate to work with your organisation to help you develop your AI platform and services further… but I’m in Sydney AU and I only work from home… but I’d probably be interested in having a discussion about it if it was of interest to you.

In any case, I believe you may find it interesting to examine my chat history and consider the things that I’ve been trying to achieve using your AI, and I would greatly appreciate any comments or response you might be kind enough to provide in response to this message.

kind regards,

kind regards,

Remotely Possible
Sydney AU