ChatGPT Consistent Formatting Mistake

As a former McKinsey consultant, we get very emotional when the formatting is off. No joke - I spent midnights going through my associates’ slides to fix them.

So, when ChatGPT makes obvious and grave formatting mistakes, this triggers me.

Irony struck when the example I’m going to use is from a McK article that I had ChatGPT summarize, see for yourself:

There’s a golden rule on bullet points and that is: Do NOT use single-standing bullet points and ONLY use bullet points if you have 2+ on a respective level - otherwise combine it in the previous one.

For example, this should have been a list item with 6 lines.

In our startup, this problem happens a lot and even when I prompt the API to not do this, it still messes up frequently.

Have you experienced this, too?

TL;DR: This is a plea to the OpenAI staff to fix the formatting issue of single-standing bullet points, which is a well-known formatting mistake. It appears to be on the LLM-level but fixing it in ChatGPT should be easy.