ChatGPT - Categorized and Chronological Chat Histories

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am an enthusiastic user of ChatGPT and have greatly appreciated the platform’s capabilities in assisting with various queries and creative tasks. I would like to suggest an enhancement to the ChatGPT interface that I believe could significantly improve the user experience.

Suggestion Overview:

I propose the addition of a feature that allows users to categorize their chat history under specific themes or titles, such as “Songs and Poems,” “Technical Support,” “Learning and Education,” etc. Within these categories, the chats could be organized chronologically, offering users an efficient way to navigate and revisit their past interactions.


  1. Ease of Navigation: This feature would simplify the process of locating previous discussions on specific topics, especially for users who engage with ChatGPT frequently.
  2. Quick Access for Reference: Users could rapidly access past conversations in a chosen category without scrolling through unrelated chats, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  3. Organized Chat History: A categorized system would help in keeping the chat history well-organized, making the interface more user-friendly.
  4. Personalized User Experience: Such customization would cater to individual preferences and usage patterns, providing a more personalized interaction with the platform.
  5. Educational and Research Utility: For those using ChatGPT for learning or research, being able to categorize chats by subject matter could be incredibly useful for revisiting and consolidating knowledge.

Implementation Considerations:

While I am excited about the potential of this feature, I understand that its implementation would require careful planning, especially regarding user privacy and data management. Additionally, it would be important to integrate this feature into the existing interface in a way that is intuitive and adds to the user experience without causing complexity or confusion.

I hope you find this suggestion valuable and worth considering. I am confident that such an enhancement could make the ChatGPT platform even more user-friendly and beneficial for a wide range of applications.

Thank you for your continuous efforts in improving ChatGPT, and I look forward to seeing how the platform evolves. (This request is corrected by Chat GPT 4)

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Have you tried Superpower ChatGPT. It has feature like Folders and Search and more