Chatgpt can't look at previous notes in my chat history?

So, I have been using chatgpt to keep track of projects. I’d feed it all of my meeting notes and I’d transcribe all of our video calls to text and feed it. Then I’d ask it for a summary of it all. I have another service I use called turbo scribe where it takes the audio and converts it to text and then gives me chatgpt prompts to feed to chatgpt to get the kind of note summary I want.

What I was doing and what seemed to be working was I was putting all of my notes into one chat. I’d bookmark that chat, so when I was referring to that project, I’d go back to that same bookmark that has all of the chat history for that project. An hour or two before a meeting, I’d ask it, let me know again what all my action items are that I’ll need to present. It seemed to work for a while. Now it just says to me, all it can tell me is stuff about the existing chat session, not previous chat sessions. I’ll tell it, what I’m looking for is in notes above the chat were in now. You just need to look through our chat log and its there. It tells me it can’t do that. So, then I end up having to scroll up and reading all my notes to find what I’m looking for. So, not sure what’s up with that.