ChatGPT bug (Oct 4): Chat history off = current conversation session getting wiped after short inactivity

The UX was already pretty strange already. You can have history, but somehow that is equal to allowing OpenAI to use your research. That is like if you use and pay for iCloud, you agree to have your photo’s used for marketing purposes and stock art, otherwise no backup.

If you don’t want your research to be used by OpenAI, you have a second tier experience even if you pay. Also, you cannot pay extra to have history, without it being used by OpenAI. It feels like a Mister Burns kind of clever from their part.

Also, in the old situation you had 6 hours till token expiration, even if you were actively using the chat. No way to refresh it by using the chat, so I had crashes while using the chat.

I think it is pretty rough that I pay for such a product and get this experience. The reason I use it is because it is currently one of the best LLM’s. I would like to be treated better as a paying customer.

With the current bug (let’s hope it is) it is even worse than the six hour crash. I am not a big fan of such experiences.


Well said! I can handle 6 hours, but now it clears itself every 3 minutes or so, and I can’t cope!


The “No Chat History + Training” does seem to be an afterthought when it comes to updates.

I can understand that we can’t have any history as OpenAI does a lot of work on the conversation in the back-end.

What I CAN’T understand is how it’s been 3 days without any sort of acknowledgement on a “feature” that completely breaks usage.


GPT-4 on the potential illegality of sudden conversation clearing:

The question of whether a significantly worsened user experience can be used as a pressure tactic to deter users from requesting limitations on the processing of their personal data is complex. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places great emphasis on transparency, voluntariness, and the informed consent of the user. If an organization implements measures that are specifically designed to discourage the user from exercising their data protection rights, this could potentially be a violation of GDPR principles.

In such a situation, it would be up to data protection authorities or courts to examine the case. They would need to determine whether the negative impact on the user experience is so severe that it could be considered undue pressure, or an obstruction to the exercise of one’s data protection rights.


Is there a way to file a complaint or contact support about this? I’ve been looking but can’t seems to find anything.


Yes there is. I did find it tedious. Not really contacting anyone or even a complain but it just might help.

Go to: openai helpdesk
On the bottomright click the chat bubble to start a chat with helpbot going through the options: ChatGPT → ChatGPT Plus → No → Report a bug.

Then write the message you wish to and submit.


Reported it hopefully will get a quick respons


Thank you for your help. I reported this bug!

EDIT: here is their reply: [Hello,

Thank you for reaching out to OpenAI support.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and truly appreciate your valuable feedback on our platform. Your input helps us improve our services and we are grateful for your contribution.

We wanted to let you know that during busy times, our servers may experience intermittent errors, potentially impacting our valued customers. In order to ensure the best possible experience for you, we kindly suggest giving it another try in a few minutes or starting a fresh chat.

You may also try the following:
1. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies
2. Disable VPN (If you are using one)
3. Use an incognito browser or a different internet browser/computer to see if the issue still persists, as a security add-in or extension can occasionally cause this type of error.
4. Disable cookie blockers
5. Try connecting to another network

If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can address it and provide you with the best service possible.

OpenAI Support]

Here is my original message:
[Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I am writing to report a critical issue with ChatGPT Plus that requires immediate attention. In brief, the problem is as follows:

When “Enable Chat History” is turned off, ChatGPT automatically clears the chat window after a few minutes of inactivity. This results in the loss of the entire conversation without any warning, hindering productive and meaningful interactions.

I seek clarification on whether this behavior change is intentional or unintentional. If deliberate, it effectively forces users to consent to data usage for training purposes, raising privacy concerns.

If this behavior is a bug, I urge you to categorize it as such and prioritize a fix. Unexpected chat history clearing disrupts conversations and frustrates users.

Transparent communication is vital to maintaining user trust. I value OpenAI’s services and hope this issue can be promptly addressed.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


[My Name]


I got the exact same answer, about disabling the VPN, clearing cookies and all that. :upside_down_face:


Hey thanks for letting us know! Could you please advise me about something? I told my computer savvy friend that I want to install the script that everyone here says works well, but she warns me that it’s not safe to install scripts from random places, and that the script can be changed in the future to be unsafe. I’m confused because I’m not tech savvy. What do you think?

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In the past, I had cases where Tampermonkey informed me that the new version of a userscript that I had installed added a new @connect directive and asked me if I wanted to accept the new version. I can’t say whether this approach of Tampermonkey makes for total safety, but Tampermonkey is at least aware of some safety concerns regarding userscripts.

In the settings of a userscript in Tampermonkey, there also is the checkbox “Check for updates” that you can turn off after installing the current version when you checked it to be safe. Should the script stop functioning, you can check whether there’s a new version and verify it before updating to it.


Tampermonkey is a well-known extension. It can be used for modifying web pages and the scripts that run on them. It also is advanced enough that it takes familiarity with coding techniques to use.

The scripts you see earlier for Tampermonkey don’t do anything nefarious, beyond attempting to change elements in a page. The worst they would do is make the web page not work, or work in ways that could cause crashes or data loss.


Thank you for sharing the path to file a bug report!

I also reported the bug and the bot responded with this:

Thanks for sharing the details and reporting the bug. The team will look into it! If you’d like to provide more feedback, please join our Discord ({root discord url}/invite/openai).

I joined the discord server, and it seems like these 2 bug reports in the #bug-report channel have the most stars so far:

{root discord url}/channels/974519864045756446/1135492042164797440 (7 stars)

{root discord url}/channels/974519864045756446/1159748394202431588 (6 stars)

I had to remove the root discord url since the links aren’t allowed :frowning:

Hopefully we can get more traction on getting this issue fixed through these channels!


Not that. I mean their enterprise subscription. Do they offer it to individuals?

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Just adding myself to the list of impacted users. ChatGPT Plus, Win10, latest version of Chrome, happens on both GPT 3.5 and 4 when browsing history is off. Can reproduce the issue from work and home machines, clearing browsing data doesn’t help.
I willfully hand over my chat history on my home computer but refuse to enable it on my work machine as I’m often working with code from our code base and cannot expose this in any way. Hopefully a solution is forthcoming.


Me too. I am a ChatGPT Plus user and have had this issue since a week ago. It’s very frustrating.


Just want to say that I’m a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and also have this problem and it is very frustrating. Can you please fix it ASAP? Thank you! :slight_smile:

I am on ChatGPT September 25 Version


Why did you do this ChatGPT? You were the chosen one! (I have this problem and it is frustrating affecting my work badly).

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I think this issue is fixed now! You can try yourself.


I tried and still ran into the same issue. Strange.