chatGPT advanced security

Is there option to easily:

  1. Remove data inquiries defaulted from prompt with biometrics (petabytes)
  2. Option to compose inquiries with default biometrics security (e.g. population, earthquakes, job titles)
  3. Option to set security password on information about to be display (mask encrypted data)
  4. Is there option to mask data (e.g. employee names, job titles or other)
  5. How about e-learning model and training model for data to be encrypted and un-encrypted.
  6. Is there an option on how to display encrypted/unencrypted answers or images
  7. How about security on reports, graphs or dashboards. (e.g. economy reports, population, disaster events, pandemic, infographics…)

No is the answer to all your questions

You could encrypt info at your end - but the standard GPT3 API talks using plain text

Also there is no API for ChatGPT yet