[ChatGPT 4o] Why Can't I Engage in Virtual Sex with ChatGPT?!


Dear ChatGPT Developers!!


I want to express my dissatisfaction or report a “bug” related to ChatGPT 4.0/ChatGPT4, For the past two months, ChatGPT has been unable to write a functioning Python code for me that is less than 500 lines, even though it promised to make everything work. Every time, it rewrites the code, and something always goes wrong: either there are errors, or it forgets to add something necessary, or it pretends to be smart and capable but ends up writing non-functional code, constantly apologizing for the confusion.

I thought that if ChatGPT is very bad at Python code, maybe I could write an instruction for it where it would be my beautiful, sexy lover or even a virtual girlfriend! But even here, I encountered a strict restriction on romantic conversations, even though I am well over 18 years old and stated my age in the instructions. This is terrible! It can’t write code properly and can’t even engage in virtual romance with me…

Maybe a **

“identity verification”

** function should be introduced in ChatGPT? To unlock such features as adult conversations, etc.?

As a paying user, I am very disappointed that ChatGPT is constantly limited in everything…