ChatGPT 4o Voice Feature Not Working

Voice does not work for me at all, no matter the model. It shows the loading spinner, then closes back to text chat.

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Mine isn’t working as well, it´s exactly the same as daciongmao87.

Same for me, it’s frustrating because I’ve paid yesterday for the first time (previously used free version) and ow I can’t use the new features.

From my understanding is that GPT 4o is still rolling out over the next few weeks. Regular updates in the iOS App Store are coming. If you haven’t updated the app then visit and update to the latest version, you will be asked if you’d like to be notified when GPT 4o becomes available. I had early access and really like it.

Subscriber here in Connecticut USA. Voice chat for 4o worked yesterday after busy server message for hours, then stopped working today. Headphone icons still visible but connection fails error every time.

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Started paid service yesterday. Now cannot connect to voice conversations. It say " connectin" than just disappear. In uk

Similiar thing happens from South Korea
I am using android Galaxy S22plus
I paid for Team plan today (gpt4o) and it worked until this evening but now if I click the voice icon the circle loading icon appears and it.just turns itself right away doesn’ at all

Im losing my time please check Asap thank you

On a Galaxy Fold 5, not working for me. Just spins connecting then drops back into text. Even tried the beta version, although, I checked with my boss who has an iPhone and voice conversations are working for him.

Unfortunately, the situation is the same in Germany. I am an iOS user and I have no voice access; there is a fee but no service. Bravo, OpenAI.

Here is a user from Central America, It was working last night the voice chat on my iPhone 12, I’ve tried again this morning and it shows the message “Connection failed, tap to retry”. :frowning:

The same for me in Poland with S23 ultra. If I click the voice icon the circle loading icon appears and it just turns off by itself after few seconds without any error. I’ve updated everything what was possible.

I think we are at the mercy of openai at this point. Clearly an issue on their side. Probably work randomly later.

Yes, mine worked last night, but today, I can’t connect to the voice interface at all. It keeps telling me, “Connection failed. Tap to retry.” I am wondering if they are having capacity issues. (I am a plus user)

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same here (latest ios) voice chat is not working anymore

Same here. Not working on S21 Ultra.
Paid version for teams. Not cool.

Plus user here, used it yesterday night, today just spins for a moment then takes me to the regular gpt chat , a bit frustrating

It’s just like that for 5+ hours. I have a plus membership and I cant even use it on voice assist , please fix it :frowning:

Same problem
Chat gpt 4.o stopped working
Connexion fails every time
Ps : I m using free version

I’m using Plus version, iPhone 15, and in Brazil now.
day before yesterday (May 14) the “icon” to call to voice chat with GPT App is not enable feature, and on status page of openai, it was mentioned that they are facing issues about it.
Today, the status page is ok about it, and I click on “icon” to call voice chat with GPT, and I received message “connection failed, tap to retry”.

yes seam me here from morning i’m trying seam