[ChatGPT 4o BUG] Hallucinations while working with ChatGPT 4o!

Dear developers of ChatGPT 4o! :heart: :pray:

I express my deep gratitude to you for creating such a great and intelligent tool like ChatGPT!
Right now, ChatGPT is improving my life in various aspects and directions, saving me from various troubles. It’s a tool that saves my family and has already proven its effectiveness!! I would really like to test your latest models if you provided such an opportunity in my account.

However, I want to report a bug that occurred today on 27.05.2024.
Latvia, Riga.
Description of the bug in ChatGPT 4o’s operation:
Until (17:00 RIX, Riga, Latvia), ChatGPT 4o worked very well, understood me very well, and helped write some small Python code.
But, starting from (17:00 RIX, Riga, Latvia) and onwards, ChatGPT 4o started hallucinating heavily, and during code generation, it constantly repeats it INFINITELY!
The infinite coding starts again after clicking the “Continue text creation” button…

And before this time, he worked fine all day, could write quite extensive and large code, taking into account all the wishes! But suddenly, at 17:00, it’s as if he took LSD…

I hope the problem will be resolved, and ChatGPT 4o will be number 1 in this world, as the benchmark for the strongest AI in the world!

With respect to you, a devoted fan, MaRaDu. :pray: