ChatGPT-4 with Citations / Sources

We just added support for Citations / Sources to CustomGPT. So now, you can see where the context for the ChatGPT response came from.

Quick background: CustomGPT lets you build a ChatGPT-4 bot with your own business content. You can then deploy the bot via embed widgets, livechat or integrate it with your workflows via API.

Check out this bot built with about 2GB of research documents and let me know what you think!

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Is the citation 100% reliable. I have seen hallucinations with citations

The citations are calculated from YOUR knowledgebase – they are not hallucinated citations like ChatGPT. After the response is generated, the citations are calculated (based on your knowledgebase links/documents) – you can test it in action for yourself live (link is above)

Here is the diagram from a recent workflow (notice the citation calculation algorithm at the end)


how long does it typically take between query and response ?

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Little less than 2 seconds – I just tried it with the demo in the OP – the first word started streaming in about 2 seconds.

Dear Alden

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the available APIs provided by and whether there is an API that supports fetching sharing items (such as embedded code, shareable links, and live chat) associated with a specific project.

I am aware that offers various APIs with functionalities such as creating projects, managing conversations, and obtaining user-related information. However, I am specifically interested in an API that enables the retrieval of sharing items related to a particular project.

Could you please provide information regarding whether has an API that supports the retrieval of sharing items for a specific project? If such an API exists, I would appreciate details regarding its usage, endpoints, and any necessary authentication or parameters required.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from you and gaining a better understanding of the capabilities offers in this regard.

Best regards,

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Hi @muhammadnaeem - thanks for the good question – Yes, all the sharing options are available with this API endpoint. So yes - you can programmatically create your chatbot with your own data and then get the sharing options to embed, livechat or share.

If you are using python, there are cookbooks and SDK as well.

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Thank you for your response, @alden. Does have any methods or support for usage limitations for our end users regarding any chatbot on our account? For example, I want to disable access to one of my chatbots after 30 queries. The chatbot’s shareable link, embedded code, and live chat code should all be disabled after 30 queries for a certain period of time. Is it possible?

Wow, this logic and your demo very make sense to me. :face_with_monocle:

However, my company also needs to attach function features (SQL query results). Can I use your product in conjunction with SQL query results (via API calls)? For example, can I attach SQL query results (Json String?) just before GPT-4 generates answers?

The reason I’m asking about this is that my company is already using GPT-4, along with documents and functional features that enable customers to obtain answers.

If your product could provide these features, I could discuss with my manager the possibility of adopting outsourcing products instead of managing them in-house.

This could potentially increase my company’s productivity, allowing me to focus on other tasks during that time. :slight_smile:

However, please note that it’s not a promise;
I cannot guarantee that I will use your product.

Protecting the bot by domain is live. This (rate limiting) feature is under development and should be available soon.

If I understood you correctly, I think what you are asking for is plugin support (where you pull data from SQL queries). I’m not sure if any such RAG system has this.