ChatGPT 4 Website not working today 12 June 2PM European Time

Since early tomorrow, ChatGPT-4 on the website I use with Chrome has not been responding to my inputs, and it is not loading images. Sometimes, it takes up to 10 minutes to generate a response. Despite being a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, I get a notification after only 5 responses that I have exceeded my limit. When I press enter, ChatGPT freezes and the prompt stays the same. Sometimes, after 10 minutes or 100 refreshes, I get lucky and it fulfills the prompt.

This is ridiculous as I am paying good money for this service, yet I only receive frustrations in return. According to, everything is green, but this doesn’t reflect my experience. I am encountering significant issues. I have done everything from removing cache, cookies, etc. to updating Windows and Windows Store updates as well. Nothing works.

Update: This issue has been ongoing for hours now, some people are reporting this since yesterday. I urge the developers to look into this and communicate it on the status page. Apparently, there are many paying Plus users who do not even know what is going on.



Same issues on my end. Chrome and Firefox both having this issue


Same issue in India, with chrome and firefox. The send icon(button) remains disabled. If the button is enabled. The response to query is below:

Something went wrong while generating the response. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at

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Same issues from my side in Europe: Chrome, Safari

same isuess here in italy

Same issue, chrome UK web client

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Same issue,gray button in UK

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Same issue here in US-West. Exact same errors in the chrome console.

EDIT: Also a paying user.

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Same in spain. Same errors. I’m paying user too

Same here - front screen and GPTs - when you type and then press enter or click the up arrow to submit - absolutely nothing happens. The request does not get passed to ChatGPT.

Same issue. I can’t input anything to get a response. I have to use ChatGPT on my phone which isn’t ideal if I want coding.

Edited: From Newfoundland, Canada

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SAME, from Québec Canada!

here also, except i can post it, but no response provided. I tried multiple browsers icognito as well

Same in Toronto! What are we paying for is there is outage every other day, so dissapointing

Same issue, Edge Browser, Germany, 4:18 PM

Same here since yesterday, Canada

Same issue since 4 hours ago, Osaka

same issue here in switzerland since this morning

Same issue here from Toronto.

same issue in India , its hang, no outputs even on refresing the page