ChatGPT 4 Not Following Custom Instructions & Regenerate issue!


I have set custom instructions under “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?” to ensure specific formatting in code responses:

Place opening and closing curly braces on new lines, adhering to the Allman style.
Use post-increment in C-style for loops.

However, the responses inconsistently follow these guidelines. Even when I specifically prompt for Allman style during a conversation, the immediate reply might adhere to it, but subsequent responses often revert to a different formatting style.

Additionally, I frequently encounter the following error:

Something went wrong while generating the response. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at

This issue persists even after starting new conversations, and I often see the Regenerate button. It feels like ChatGPT’s performance has declined in recent months. As a paid user, this inconsistency is really frustrating.


ive got a similar problem:
ChatGPT (6_6_2024 11_28_34 PM).html

even the share feature fails on this ;(

also the hint to contact support through is misleading, i couldnt find a way to contact any human using this url

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Yeah that’s just… bad form.

I have a similar problem with default behaviors overriding very specific instructions. I’m not sure GPT4 is capable of following specific instructions at all (at least in the web chat interface… maybe through the API?)