ChatGPT 4 Misspellings? Anyone else?

Hey guys. Since roughly last night I have noticed some strange misspelling issues with ChatGPT4. It almost seems like

A) The frequency_penalty has shot up
B) The temperature has shot up

Here are some instances.

1. Typing out “tojring” instead of “to_string”

Screenshot from 2024-06-06 13-30-19

2. Spelling “Gunicorn” as “Gauricron” and “Gundred”

Screenshot from 2024-06-06 13-43-31

3. Failing to repeat something verbatim

Ignore the :cat template issue. This is another irrelevant issue. Here it says “you” (not even proper grammar), instead of “room”
Screenshot from 2024-06-06 12-36-29

All of these conversations have less than 5 message pairs. It’s almost like some mini-strokes.

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.

Lastly. Dear OpenAI:

Please give us a BETA option instead of changing things at any whim.

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