ChatGPT 4 is not creating jqMath javascript library compatible formulas correctly

My app consists of tests, and many of them are Math tests. My app displays tests in html format, and for math tests my app uses jqMath library to display/render formulas correctly.

In the past we bought many tests to a tutoring company, which created the tests directly using the jqMath syntax and they’re working/looking just great, but now I’m trying to do the same using ChatGPT 4 with no success.

jqMath (as it can be seen in its official page: jqMath - Put Math on the Web) uses specific syntax to render formulas where the $$ are the delimiters for the equations, but even if I ask ChatGPT to create the test using jqMath compatible syntax, it generates the tests using Latex or MathJax (not sure which one) which is not compatible with jqMath and, of course, it does not render formulas and equations correctly.

The fact is that ChatGPT claims that the generated test should be compatible with jqMath, but it is not.

Is ChatGPT really capable of generating jqMath compatible formulas? If so, how do I instruct it to do so?

This is an example of a test question created by ChatGPT not compatible with jqMath as expected:

Question 3:

What is the value of \frac{20}{5} + 3?

  • a) 3
  • b) 5
  • c) 7
  • d) 8
  • e) 4

Correct Answer: c) 7

Explanation: First, divide 20 by 5: \frac{20}{5} = 4. Then add 3 to the result: 4 + 3 = 7.

Thanks :slight_smile: