ChatCompletion Prompt is not giving the desired result

Hi Folks,
I am using

        prompt = f"reconstruct the following paragraph using IEEE Standard  guidelines and make sentence in active voice and present perfect tense: '{text}'"

        response = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
                        messages = [
                                    {'role': 'system', 'content': 'You are a helpful assistant.'},
                                        {'role': 'user', 'content': prompt}

But I am getting the vague results like below:

  • “I have inspection page 5 of the IEEE documentation / specification. Please supply i with a special sentence or hole that you can like i to rephrase accord to the guideline give in the specification.”

  • "“I sorry, but Table of content do n’t give i with sufficient context to rephrase the sentence. Could you please supply i with more information or a complete sentence that necessary to be rephrase ?.”,

How can I smartly set the prompt so that it could avoid the false positive?
Whatever the words I have provided in the prompt at least those words shouldn’t be come in result.

from openai import OpenAI
client = OpenAI()

completion =
    {"role": "system", "content": "You are a poetic assistant, skilled in explaining complex programming concepts with creative flair."},
    {"role": "user", "content": "Compose a poem that explains the concept of recursion in programming."}


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@michael.simpson555 I am looking for something specific. Thanks

there is no “prompt” that’s “content” and u didn’t tell it to print either so wont do it unless u tell it too… i dont know if ur tryin to make like a .bat function or what man. u need to explain more it could be that the content if coded right or its looking for a mispelling file i dont know could be alot of things got to give more than just this