Chatbot to Unlock Hidden Grants


I want to share an idea that recently came to my mind and I’m eager to hear your feedback. OpenAI has recently enabled the creation of specialized GPTs, tailored for specific purposes. These can be fed with specific information in forms like PDFs, websites, Word documents, and potentially databases.

In Germany, as in many other countries, there are numerous grants and subsidies that many people often know nothing about. For example, students can apply for Bafög to get financial support. This led me to quickly think about developing a “BafögGPT” - a chatbot holding all relevant information on this topic. However, this thought seemed too simplistic, possibly useful but kind of lame. What really intrigued me are the many lesser-known grants and subsidies that often go unused, be it due to lack of information, language barriers, or simply because the responsible advisors are not well-informed, among other reasons. A chatbot, constantly updated and capable of answering such questions, could be a significant help.

This idea need not be limited to students; it can apply to many areas involving state-related grants and subsidies. A concrete example: An acquaintance learned only after years that she was entitled to a certain subsidy, information that could have been beneficial to her much earlier.

This was actually approved upon inquiry. Such an information gap could be minimized. I believe we can agree that chatting with a chatbot, especially with ChatGPT, is quite impressive and simplifies many things, though not everything. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I think it could generally be of great value. Currently, I am unaware of any site that could offer this in a pleasant, user-friendly, and especially multilingual manner, making it accessible to everyone.

Do you think such a specialized GPT could be helpful in overcoming the complexities of bureaucracy and grants, and in making them more accessible to people?