Chatbot: How to ensure mandatory info

We will use curie model with temp of 0.2. A user can tell my chatbot to “Ask persone_name to complete task_name by due_date”. Let’s say that a user fails to provide due_date. Do I need to hardcode in my code that if due_date is missing then ask for it? Or do I need to train the model in playground for that?

If you want something so structured, why are you using GPT-3 in the first place? There are simpler, cheaper scripted bots out there.

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We want to start with that but then we want to do more complex things in future. But let’s say the user case were the same as I wrote in my original post, what other scripted bot would you recommend? MS Luis?

I haven’t spent any time with scripted chatbots. I focus on thinking machines. You can check out my book for free here when you are ready to work on more sophisticated chatbots: David K Shapiro - Natural Language Cognitive Architecture

You can combine script with gpt 3.
I use as a first level, a bot framework composer to handle specific scenarios. In the second level I use gpt 3 for conversation.

Igor- I am a newbie. Will appreciate if you can explain in a but of detail (possibly with an example).