Chat Interaction life cycle

I suggest a new “intention” of interaction with ChatGPT in three parts.

Part one - Prompt separation and locate
We can’t locate easily the start of a prompt, the separation of each question and answer. Navigate between the prompts is one of the most important thing when using ChatGPT. We ask many questions and can locate this questions and answers with easily is a most important feature.

Part two - Chat organization
I understand that one answer would be unique between chats. But think carefully. ChatGPT is one place to get answers and could be and should be the place where we store this answers in an organized way. We should be able to move question+ answer between chats, this way we can organize our thinking of a big problem solve with the many answers we got between different chats and moments.
It’s very important!

Part three - Extract the knowledge
The final feature is to facilitate the extraction of one question + answer or many questions and answers at the same chat at once.
Export selected parts like Markdown (I know it is already possible with copy and paste) but also in Word format.

This way you will turn ChatGPT a place where peolple will passa more time circulating ideas and with more satisfaction, I think.

Best regards to you all!

Congratulations for the great job!