Chat History OFF = "Conversation key not found" error

Paid user here. I’m having this issue since Friday (02/02). I must keep history turned off due to company policy. It’s getting quite frustrating since I have gotten used to the back and forth to go deeper into topics. Please fix this problem asap!


Can confirm, been having the same issue as a premium user since early Feb.

Special thanks to the Nexus 7 solution posted above, it did the trick for me.

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I’m also a paid user and can’t have history turned on. This is a major productivity killer.

I’m as disappointed as everyone else here that this issue still persists despite this lengthy thread and the obvious, reproduceable nature of the bug, but I suggest we cool it with the conspiracy theories and such. Less likely this is some shady plot to force us all into giving up our privacy and more likely one of several items on their backlog that is hopefully being addressed.
That said, one consistent area for improvement with OpenAI is timely communication. They should at least have acknowledged the bug by now and let us know what to expect, especially considering many of us are paying $20 for a service that isn’t working as it should.

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Paid customer, I notified OpenAI help about this 3 days ago with a detailed description, how to reproduce, a link to this thread, and a screenshot example

I also told them I had tried it on different browsers, cleared cache, and on private browsing

Their response seemed auto-generated and told me to clear my cache, try private browsing, and try other browsers (all things I had previously told them I did) and to give a reproducibility (which I had also given)

So I had sent them their requested information for a second time and they have not responded in 3 days. It does seem deliberate


I reached out to support and asked for a refund, and got an email saying that I was refunded for last month. Asked last night. Got email this morning.


I have found a workaround. Create a Custom GPT. It will work with subsequent prompts even when history sharing is disabled in settings → data controls. Not ideal, as the default interface should work, but this at least allows me to keep using it for coding assistance at work while we await a fix on their end.

Interesting. I got a refund this morning and my system is now working.

As of today it seems to be working again over here! Good job OpenAI!

It’s persisted for the last few days for me!

Tried different browsers, incognito and otherwise, and different computers even. Problem persists for both gpt-4 and 3.5

It isn’t for me sadly. It makes the service I pay for pretty useless.

Has anyone received a helpful response from OpenAI yet?

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The custom gpt didn’t work for me. I get the same failure in the published custom gpt and the custom gpt editor.

Probably just a coincidence, but after a few days with this problem, it was fixed at the same moment I entered the chat (question mark at bottom right):
ChatGPT Plus
Report a Bug or Errors
(I haven’t even finished the last message and ChatGPT is working fine)
Dear ChatGPT. I am getting error in ChatGPT for every second message in each chat: “”

Appears to be working for me now. Hurrah. Will keep a careful watch on it.

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Yesterday it seemed like this has been fixed. Pretty happy about that. Will test again today.

Yeah, in hindsight, I think it was just a funny coincidence. I think they’d gotten it fixed around that same time, so by the time I created and started trying out the custom GPT, the underlying bug had probably already been fixed. Hopefully it’s working for you now, though?

It appears that the bug is back, and this time, there’s an additional variant:

Now, instead of getting the “Conversation key not found” error after every second message, I’m getting the “Sorry, conversations created when Chat History is off expire after 6 hours of inactivity” error, despite the fact that I’m using a brand-new conversation that most certainly has not been inactive for 6 hours.

Interestingly, if I try the same thing using a user agent switcher to spoof a mobile browser, I get the old “Conversation key not found” error, so it appears that this workaround no longer functions as a solution.

That being said, everything appears to be working fine when accessing ChatGPT4 from an actual mobile device (I confirmed this with my iPhone + Safari). So the problem appears to be limited to desktop browsers. I tested this with multiple browsers, tried clearing my cache, and am not using a VPN; the error persists regardless of what I do.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m thinking of starting a new thread to document this new variant of the error, but I’ll hold off until I can confirm that others are experiencing the same thing.

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I’ve confirmed the same problem.

This problem should be considered a bug, and it affects many users.
OpenAI needs to address this issue.

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I’ve been having this problem for over a month. I contacted support, took weeks for them even to believe this was and issue (saying they grew too fast to do timely support), and then they said they had escalated it, and have ignored/ghosted me for a while now.

It went away at the beginning of the month for about a week (without response or acknowledgement from support) and now it’s back.

I primarily use Firefox, sometimes a VPN, but it really seems like it’s more with my account. No combinations of browser or network changes anything.


It’s back. :frowning: This time, the error message is:
“Sorry, conversations created when Chat History is off expire after 6 hours of inactivity. Please start a new conversation to continue using ChatGPT.”
Mind you, this occurs immediately after sending a second message with chat history off. Same issue under a different error message.

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