Chat History OFF = "Conversation key not found" error

Also started having this problem recently

OpenAI staff do not appear to monitor this forum. If you have paid for ChatGPT Plus and cannot use it because of this issue, you should contact account billing and request a refund of your monthly payment.


This thread is where you would see if it has been fixed, and it has not been fixed.

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I am also seeing this issue for the last 3-4 days. It is not fixed.

I hope their backend developers were as competent as their scientists. This is just another issue that’ll probably not getting fixed for weeks again!

Maybe anyone who has a Plus subscription and sees their work being affected should send in a help request and then cancel their subscription as suggested.

Not that they will necessarily answer to the help request, - they haven’t replied to me since yesterday- but at least hopefully it will log the amount of problem use cases and escalate the urgency of the request.

Funniest thing OpenAi Status mentions no issues.

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I am also having the exact same issue on my computer that has chat history turned off. It is ridiculous.

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For anyone else having this problem, I noticed that I could use ChatGPT on my phone.
Turns out, simply changing your user agent to an Android browsermagically” makes ChatGPT work again, even with chat history off.


…How strange. Definitely not anything intentional.


Conversation key not found. Try starting a new conversation : How to notify Open AI about this problem ?

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Well said. I have contacted Support and demanded a refund. Perhaps they’ll stop their little experiment if enough of us do so.

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Just chiming in to confirm that adjusting to an Android browser agent seems to prevent the issue from occurring for me as well. Could be innocuous but yikes, that doesn’t look great.

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Also can confirm turning on Chat History or changing the User Agent to Android fixes the problem.

Yes, same here. I am experiencing immense problem with ChatGPT Plus. This has been going on for 72 consecutive hours. I only work in the “Chat history off” mode. Now, suddenly, if I try to start the conversation in this privacy mode, it does not allow me to respond beyond my first entry. I get the error message: “Conversation key not found. Try starting a new conversation.” I have tried everything to resolve this; from clearing cache, cookies, using a different browsers, making sure bowers is updated, not having any add-on extensions, logging out, restarting the computer, checking internet connectivity. Nothing works. The Open AI chat costumer service is not helping. They just simply generate a list of generic things I should check. I have done them all, and more.

I have verified that transitioning to an Android device resolves the issue effectively.

Efficient Workaround Identified:

I discovered a prompt solution that minimizes usability problems. This method involves utilizing the Chrome web browser’s built-in functionalities to simulate a mobile environment.

Detailed Steps to Use the Device Toolbar in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome Browser: Ensure you are using the Chrome browser on your computer.

  2. Access Developer Tools: Press F12 or right-click anywhere on the webpage and select Inspect to open the Developer Console. This console allows developers to examine web pages and modify them on-the-fly.

  3. Enable Device Toolbar: At the top of the Developer Console, you will see an icon resembling a mobile phone and tablet together. Click on this icon to activate the Device Toolbar. This toolbar lets you simulate various devices by emulating their screen sizes and user agents.

  4. Select ‘Nexus 7’ Device: In the Device Toolbar, you’ll find a dropdown menu where you can choose from a list of devices. Select ‘Nexus 7’ from this list to simulate the environment of this specific tablet. This step is crucial as it changes how websites render on your browser, mimicking the experience as if you were using the Nexus 7 device.

Initiate Conversation:

With the ‘Nexus 7’ device emulation enabled, proceed to start your conversation. The website or application should now behave as if you were operating from a Nexus 7 tablet, potentially bypassing any issues encountered on other platforms.

Returning to Normal Browser State:

  • After Sending the First Message: Once you have successfully sent your first message within this emulated environment, you can close the Developer Console. You can do this by pressing F12 again or clicking the close button (X) in the upper right corner of the Developer Console.

  • Continuing the Conversation: After closing the Developer Console, your browser will revert to its standard state, discontinuing the device emulation. You should be able to continue your conversation without any further issues, enjoying the full functionality of your browser.

This workaround offers a quick and temporary solution for bypassing usability issues by leveraging Chrome’s device emulation feature. It’s particularly useful when encountering problems specific to certain platforms or devices.


I created an account just to say thank you. This did work for me.

This used to work before. I have disabled history for chats, but usually it able to communicate for some time, until not being used for hours, and only then it reports conversation error. Now, it cannot answer more than one question when history is disabled. Meaning that I cannot hold a conversation with it.

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Its happening all time. Its very annoying as a paid user.

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Same here - hoped that the issue gets fixed soon - still there.
It is getting really annoying…

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I have started to look at alternatives - started to experiment with Mixtral8x7B. It may be good enough for what I need at the moment


I am also confirming that the workaround as provided by [dario1] and [Wii2] actually solves the problem for now even if this does look like a dark pattern.

Thank you Both!

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ChatGPT is excellent at debugging;

A 400 HTTP status code typically indicates a client-side error, implying that the request sent to the server was somehow incorrect or corrupted.

Anyway, most likely an edge-case error introduced by the new team plan when the chat history is off.
A scenario which should have been found before releasing an update to UI.