Chat GPT Team Account - Shared "Group Buy" for Solo Developers

Recently some users claimed it would break OpenAI’s Terms of Service if … solo developers gathered together to qualify for the ChatGPT Team plan, which includes higher caps and 32K context.

Having a background in law and understanding the basis for OpenAI’s Terms of Service, I was certain this would not be a violation and therefore, I reached-out to OpenAI.

OpenAI answered, confirming this is allowed.

I’ve since signed-up for ChatGPT Team. If other developers would like access, I am willing to accept the risk of being responsible for the account – to help others who are interested in ChatGPT Team.

I am doing this to help others, primarily serious/legitimate like-minded developers.

I am not asking for anything over/above reimbursing the cost for your service. You pay the exact monthly cost of your account, nothing more.

This was originally proposed by the user @cass

How did I confirm?

I wrote OpenAI support on three different instances. In the first two instances, OpenAI stated that it would be allowed; however, I was unable to get them to explicitly acknowledge the unique “group buy” paradigm.

In my third attempt, I was able to get OpenAI to explicitly acknowledge the group buy scenario and explicitly confirm this is allowed.

Yes, I accept the risks

Yes, I’m aware that because I am the account owner, I take all of the risk. I’m okay with that because I have no interested in sharing my account with people that are not serious developers. Therefore, as much as I appreciate posters warning me of the risks I’m facing – I am already aware, thanks for your concern and there is no need to rehash.

Correction & The Value of Information

This post serves as valuable public information. Therefore, at the request of the moderators, I must discontinue the offer of allowing others to join a share “GPT Team”.

Now that I’ve discontinued this offer; the post does not violate any terms – and it’s of public value, allowing people to share in the information OpenAI has presented to me.

Clearly it would be bad practice to hide a thread that shares information that OpenAI has published, particularly when the topic has arisen so many times on this forum.


Be aware that creating a team account can be a risk for the person paying the bills and can lead to data being inaccessible.

As of today every member of the team can add new member licenses to the account of the team owner.
Thus creating a team with strangers can be a financial risk or lead to the account being inaccessible until the licenses for the new members have been paid.
Or your have to wait until service responds and removes the unwanted members.

Dear @DevGirl,

Your initiative to help fellow developers and your thorough approach in seeking clarification from are greatly appreciated. However, after a detailed review and discussion within our moderation team, we’ve decided to unlist your post. Please allow us to explain why.

Our moderation team has recently inquired directly with OpenAI regarding the matter you’ve raised. We’ve received clarification that, while the group buy initiative might not explicitly violate OpenAI’s terms, it is considered risky and not advised. Here’s a summary of the insights we gathered:

  • OpenAI’s Stance: It was shared with us that the type of group buying arrangements proposed are risky but do not break OpenAI’s rules directly. However, they are not recommended for the reasons listed by @vb.

  • Forum Rules: It was clearly stated by OpenAI that topics encouraging or facilitating such group buys should not be hosted on our forum. This aims to ensure our community remains a safe and compliant space for all members.

We understand your intentions were positive, aimed at assisting fellow developers. But we must also consider the broader implications and the guidance provided by OpenAI and our forum rules. Please flag other topics or posts about the subject if you see them on the forum.

Thank you for your understanding and for being an active member of our community. We look forward to your continued engagement and contributions.