Chat gpt changing my version making me lose all data in the chat

[Angry Rant]

Let me get this straight! :rage: I’m PAYING $20 a month for a premium experience, and out of nowhere, they decide to transfer all my conversations to a free, dumber AI version? This isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s a slap in the face!

I’ve trusted this service with my time, my data, and more importantly, my MONEY. These conversations weren’t just idle chit-chat; they held value to me. And to just move them without any heads-up? That’s not just bad business; it’s borderline theft!

To every developer, product manager, or executive who thinks such a move is “strategic” or “for the better good” – NEWSFLASH! When people invest in a service, they expect to get what they’re paying for. Not a degraded version of it. If I wanted the free version, I wouldn’t be shelling out $20 every month, would I?

This isn’t just about the money; it’s about trust. And right now, that trust is hanging by a thread. Here’s hoping they right this wrong ASAP because customers deserve better. Heck, I deserve better!