Chat Gpt 4 gives ‘Network Error’ after 80% of generation


from 2 days, Chat Gpt 4 gives ‘Network Error’ after 80% of generation (account plus), and if you try regenerate, it’s like you do a full generation again. Any others ?



This is happening to me too. From 5am to 7:20am I had almost no problems, but since 7:30AM today I’m getting network errors almost every time I submit a prompt. I wonder if it’s high volume or something else.

Has been happening since release for me :confused:


same here , only started today , was working pretty decent since launch

Are any of you using Plus? I have not upgraded yet, but I’m curious if Plus users have less problems with this.

I’m plus yes, having issues from today

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Happening to me too. Works randomly but also just sits there most of the time. Only happens to me in the morning though, never in the night (12-1 am).

I am also plus memeber and chatgpt 4 is not usable.

The text output is unfortunately poor.

The speed is poor.

And it ends everything with network error


Same, I upgraded to plus and am getting “network error” at over halfway through response (~1300 word response).

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Same here. Unfortunately, it always interupt the answer’s generation and a network Error occurs every single time.

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I encountered this problem several times today. I upgraded to plus today and wish my money won’t be wasted.

Always get incomplete responses with Network error, on Chat GPT plus, a waste of money

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Same, got five usable interactions but now I’m regenarating the same completion for the 8th time and it always stops with network error two sentences before completion should be successful. GPT 4 in ChatGPT.

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I’ve solved my use case by providing the problem bit by bit. From the resulting text of 814 words (1,061 tokens in GPT 3 tokenizer) in eight sections I found a way to let it generate the first five sections with the first prompt and the last three sections with a second prompt. But this was only possible, because the text has been prepered in draft versions in previous interactions with ChatGPT in another Chat, where I lastly got network errors for 12 times with the same prompt. For a generation from scratch, I guess, this would not work.

It’s happening to me still. It’s been doing this for a couple of days. Breaking the copy down into smaller pieces is a workaround

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Same, it used to work fine but it doesn’t anymore after that shutdown a couple of days ago. And the conversations history not displayed either :frowning: I’m a plus member

Same with me… My history also disappeared and still have Network Error issue for each try.

Same for me, 100% of my requests end in the middle of a response with “network error”
(I’m also a plus subscriber)


i tried kind of everything (asking chatgpt to cut to 200 words each answer), but still getting everything stopped with “network error”. I was thinking of going paid, but the error is also for the premium users.
My prompt was pretty straightforward, a sum up of a short book.