Charged 4 times in one day / unauthorized payment / IGNORED by all support teams, this is my last attempt

By this point, I am just plainly angry and have no idea what to do next.

I got charged FOUR times in the same day for a Premium account when my card was not even in the system nor did I authorized the Premium plan which is also not visible. ( I am aware this was an issue and you are “dealing” with it, but it has been just way too long.

Followed all the steps, contacted internal support, and provided screenshots, and all info asked by their automated support system. WEEKS go by… nothing. I email support… WEEKS go by… nothing. I email yet another email I found… Still nothing. So I am using this now to get someone’s attention that would A) refund me and B) explain how in the world did you get access to my bank card details

I have no idea what the support is doing.
I tried to get in touch with them with a subscription problem but they just ignored and never came back within the promised 3 hours.
At the end of the day I managed to resolve the problem myself. Just hoping that my solution doesn’t cause them to double charge me.

Hard to follow your post but if you have been billed multiple times by mistake, I would dispute the charge with your bank if support haven’t got back to you in a reasonable time.

Yes, I have been billed 4 times in a row on the same day. Is almost two months reasonable time? :smiley:

Hi, i’ve just ran into the same problem, i was billed 4 times on the same day. how did you even contact OpenAI support? i don’t see an email address anywhere.

Hi. I literally emailed a texted on chat non-stop for like a month. Then after two months they gave me the money back without writing anything. The SERIOUSLY part is that a day later (after they gave the money back) they emailed me from support saying that they didn’t see they took any money from me at all and that there must be a problem at my end.
Like really??? AO text text, email all the time and at some point they will respond. I just wish someone online would talk about it. As after this, there were more AI tools that took money from me and I have never ever heard about those places.

i had a personal account, at some point last year i enabled API access and had some limited usage. i have not accessed their API during the past 3 months. On January 31st, 2024, i received a few emails from OpenAPI. they automatically moved my account from tier 2 to tier 3, then from tier 3 to tier 4, and finally from tier 4 to tier 5, and while doing that, they charged me $1000. apparently $1000 is the monthly limit for tier 5.