Changing toxic industries/ in , health&beauty for earth and humanity

Hello my name is Laura ,looking to make my Vision a reality with a great company team,family like this one .i have been searching and patiently waited for this Era to arrive because everyone thought i was nuts when i said we were going to have robots in the 80s in high school.i need a chemist and engineer to make me 2 prototypes and a millionaire to pay them LOL,he will thank me later.i can see it already in my hand introducing it to all 82 Toxic manufacturers who produce lipstick. my NEW synbio lipwear made by robotics 3d computers, special coding software will.ROCK the TOXIC lipstick INDUSTRY.I WANT IT DONE YESTERDAY but i’m still waiting for the RIGHT company and that ONE ANGEL TO HELP will be a game changer! MY research and conformation led me here to you, after 12 years finally ready to be put together by a great team and so thats why im here i believe nothing happens by accident especially if you Believe in the unseen and not the seen, I also have 3 other ideas the 2nd that is in heath industries and my 3rd is “skyfarming” in agriculture. and the 4th another synbio idea to reinvent the Toxic laundry soaps industry that’s also KILLING OUR PLANET AND ECO SYSTEM THESE 4 INVENTIONS WILL help and promote wealth health healing and awareness in the cryptocurrencies especially in market…MAJOR GAME CHANGERS…WHOS READY AND WITH ME THATS WHERE IM AT RIGHT NOW GLUED TO MY COMPUTER SEARCHING TILL I MAKE IT HAPPEN WITH THE ONE WHO READS THIS AND SAYS ,“IM IN”…I WAS visualizing and imagining a company like this one when i was a student so i suppose i manifested it!!12 years later… and it took 22 years of busting my butt off for a huge METALS company i helped make MILLIONS FOR AS LEAD WELDER,ONLY TO GET SICK WITH HEAVY METALS IN MY BLOOD FOR LIFE!!!I i loved my job but it made me SICK, LITERALLY.thats when i said ,"all these years of working there and not knowing the plasma table that cost 6 million was a killer AND FUCK US WORKERS?? AND I WAS NOT GOING TO LET THESE COMPANIES,FDA,OUR OWN GOVERNMENT SAY NOTHING: ALL FOR MONEY… i had to make a stink about it .The rest is History! with 8 close to death experiences along the journey to go along with my research and testimony… I GUESS NOW I JUST LIKE THE SIMPLY THINGS…sometimes i just visualize myself riding on a stallion out in the country screaming out to the universe and our maker WHO CREATED IT ALL ,to continue to lead the way…Laura Chabera