Change from 3.5 model to version 4 inside an existing chat

I just got a payment issue, and one of the chat I was working on, from a long time ago changed his model to V3.5, now that I fixed the payment issue, I cannot go back to ChatGPT V4!. I cannot duplicate that chat so I can have a version with model 4, nor I can reference that chat in another one to get the backlog.

The issue is there is some plugins I cannot use in V3.5, and if I decide to get a new chat with v4, I lose everything I have created, so its a real bummer!

I guess its not that difficult to change from models, with a simple dropdown menu, and probably some programing code in the back, but its just a so simple request that I guess was skip by the dev team.

Please, any of this solutions can work great

Change model inside an existing chat
Duplicate a chat
Reference a chat backlog to another