Censorship deleted this subject

Deleted, because of censorship.

I don’t understand. Are you saying this is a system prompt OpenAI injects into the input given to ChatGPT when you are using the image gen feature?

The website with the prompt doesn’t look like it’s associated with OpenAI. It looks like a repository of user created custom instructions for using with ChatGPT’s custom instructions feature.

If this is a prompt OpenAI uses out of sight of the user, where can I find it in OpenAI’s source repos?

Exactly, it’s sort of the source code.

What evidence do you have that this is real? The link you included has no connection with OpenAI, from what I can see. Do you have a credible source?

It’s reversed engineered.

And you can ask Dall-E to dump his instruction set.

Also via Bing you can ask to create an image of his namespacing, resulting in executable code.

For developers this is daily routine.