Card rejected when trying to renew Plus subscription (Italy). Customer care seems non existent


I tried getting in touch through the Help Center as suggested, but it seems impossible to get access to any form of Customer Care: if I click on Messages, it brings me back to the chat with the BOT, which is apparently not useful in my case.

I am trying to renew my subscription to Plus, but in vain: my credit card (a Mastercard) keeps getting rejected. Now, I guess the reason is originally that my card expired on January 2024, but I updated the card’s info (the card is still exactly the same that I used previously, just with a new expiration date and a new CVC number) and it still gets rejected. I also received a validation number to my phone to prove my identity, still I did not succeed. I tried multiple times, on 2 different PC and from an iPhone.

Before you suggest to read here, I already did.
My info are correct and updated now, I cleared the cache, I am from Italy (a supported country), I have enough funds and no issues from my bank (besides, my card is normally accepted on other platforms and I double checked that is enabled to buy online and from everywhere). I don’t have other credit cards I can try.

How can I renew my subscription?

Considering that I use GPT-4 for work reasons, it’s unbelievable you don’t have a real Customer Service for these kinf of issues: my case it’s pretty urgent (and I am sure others are in my situation). I have been trying to pay for days before getting in touch with you and I ran out of ideas.

Just for the record, I also sent an email to

Does anyone reply?

Thanks you


However I am only a user with moderator rights. I have no more ability to resolve the same problem than you.

Have you tried waiting a day or two. My guess is that the credit card number was cached with the expired date and needs to be refreshed which may take a day or two.

I know it is not much and not one would expect in this modern times but it is a possible reason.

You can try to pay on the APP, just like you pay for the paid services of other APPs. If it is confirmed that there is a problem with your bank card, then you can try other recharge methods such as APPSTORE official gift cards.

Thank you so much, @EricGT.

Any new suggestion is always welcomed, I’ll try again tomorrow.
I hope it will work, but considering the amount of posts I have seen here about similar issues, I am a bit skeptical.

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Hey @gioia.mongelli ! The support team can help get this fixed via, it might take them a couple days to get it sorted, but that is your best path forward. Apologies for the delay on this and thanks for being patient.

Thank you @doctormarys, I also tried paying on the APP, but still got the error.

As I mentioned, this Mastercard is the same card I was already using with past Plus subscriptions, the only different is that it now has a new expiration date and CVC number. I use it on other platforms with no issues.

Thank you @logankilpatrick , I will still try to get some reply from as you suggested, in case it gets solved, I’ll update here.

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