Card continually declined for Plus renewal

First, our subscriptions should have renewed automatically. When I try to renew, the card is declined.

@logankilpatrick Please do not send me a link to that article in the help section. It is of no value. I have tried multiple cards, multiple browsers, incognito, 2 wi-fi networks, and my mobile network. There is nothing wrong with the card. The issue is clearly on your end or with Stripe. You can tell by the shear number of complaints about this. Is anything being done? Do you have a solution? Thanks!


Same issue. Tried all the fixes. No response from OpenAI through email and the help bot. Please fix it asap

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I’m having the same issue for 2 days already. I’ve tried everything on earth and nothing works. Completely agree with jbhphx, the link to that article in the help section is useless. It only made me angry at the banks, but they are not the problem. The problem is clearly on the end of ChatGPT or with Stripe. This is unacceptable for a professional company like ChatGPT. Please fix it asap and let us know what’s going on. Thanks!


Hi, has there been a fix for this issue? Tried to contact support and everything but they haven’t replied.

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No resolution yet. My chat request has not even been read yet.

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Same issue here. I changed to another card and it was declined too, but I changed to another card issued in other country and paid successfully.

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They are having gateway issues. Strip is popular for these types of issues. Even one of our applications is facing similar issues. I dont think OpenAI really having any support team. So don’t expect any support from them. They created one of the best products, but they dont have any actual support team.

Same issue here. Subscriptions not renewed automatically. Try renew, the same card is declined.
Changed another card with same issue.