Cant use my own chats anymore

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to share a usability concern with the recent GPT-4o update in ChatGPT. Previously, I enjoyed the flexibility of switching between GPT-3.5 and newer models within ongoing chats. This allowed me to leverage the strengths of each model for different tasks.

However, since the GPT-4o update, I can no longer access GPT-3.5 in these existing conversations. This is particularly problematic because GPT-4o has stricter limitations, like the one I encountered after uploading an image. The chat became unusable for several hours, and switching back to GPT-3.5, which previously had a higher message limit, was no longer an option.

Forcing users to upgrade to GPT Plus in order to continue their conversations, feels restrictive. It hinders the ability to continue an existing chat with a more suitable model if limitations are reached.

Now because of this i’m only able to use gpt-4o in this chat, and i’m forced to wait hours… if i knew it would be like this i would’ve never used gpt-4o.