Can't start - 'Quart' object has no attribute 'post'

I keep getting this error when trying to start from my terminal. I’ve upgrade quart to no avail.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 12, in“/todos/string:username”)
AttributeError: ‘Quart’ object has no attribute ‘post’

Try this:

@app.route(“/todos/<string:username>”, methods=[“POST”])

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Same issue and fixed by replacing your changes.

Do you know is this a version mismatch bug or something else?

Sorry just saw this, the reason this works is if you omit the angle brackets (<> ) in the route path, Quart would treat the path segment as a literal string rather than a dynamic parameter. Meaning that in the OP’s post string:username would only work if your username was literally “username”. By using the angle brackets (<> ) syntax, Quart knows that string:username in the URL is a dynamic parameter and can extract its value for use within the route function.

Hope that helps