Can't sent message to ChatGPT (March 2024)

Same issue just after upgrading to pro :smiling_face_with_tear:
Changing language helped for 30 seconds, then stuck again.
App seems to work just fine only in browser (firefox, edge).

Same problem here. Changed the language, no help. Clear cache, no help. What else can I do?

same issue here since yesterday… works fine if I open a private tab and use the free version… but my paid account no longer sends messages… I haven’t found a solution either

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry to learn that you’re experiencing issues with ChatGPT; I understand how annoying that must be.

Just a heads-up, this forum is mainly for developers to assist each other with challenges encountered while using the OpenAI API in application development.

Please note that OpenAI staff do not actively monitor this forum for problems. For the quickest assistance, please check or contact support at


Using the free version and I’ve got the same issue since this week. Can’t send any messages to gpt. Clearing cache etc or language settings hasn’t changed that.

Paid version,
I can’t send messages again, the send button is not active!