Can't send 'system' message alone in Playground!

Why can’t system messages be sent alone in the playground?
My product does not require user messages, the current playground is preventing me from using it.
It is possible to send system messages alone in the API. Why is there inconsistency between the playground and API?
Previously, it was possible to send by pressing CTRL + ENTER, but this no longer works after the recent update.


There’s a lot of stuff you can do that you can’t do in the playground. It’s just there to help you get sorted with setting up your API and ensuring that everything is baseline functional…

But yeah, it didn’t get any better. Almost looks like adding an image upload button introduced so much technical debt they couldn’t get back to parity :laughing:

edit: that said, you can still download the curl command and launch it manually, although that’s a pain. I’d recommend using jupyter or something at least.

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Yeah, the key point is that it was just working not too long ago.

This is a significant issue - would be keen for this to be fixed - as it makes testing very difficult