Cant reset my password, SSO Google login

Hello, i use a SSO google account to log on CHatgpt plus, but i asked to change my password, and i would not ever get a email to do so.
Help me plz :wink:

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Adv . Otniel Podewilts the Acting Executive Director welcomed everyone present, and declared the meeting official opened.
The Acting ED in his speech singled out, some critical situations that have brought negative impact in the labour market, such as war in Ukraine and the impact of COVID 19. He encouraged the participant to feel free to ask question and also to make constructive

please rephrase the paragraph

Did you ever work this out? I am in the same situation.

If you have logged in with one of the authentication methods like Google or Apple, then you wouldn’t have an OpenAI account with email/password. You would just change the password with the authentication provider, which your OpenAI account is forever connected with.

Hi, yeah I have logged in with Google auth, but now I wish to change the account over to using a password. Having it bound to google auth is pain for a few reasons and username/password would be a lot easier.