Can't login since yesterday's outage

I’ve been having problems with my API since yesterday. Basically it takes forever to generate an output, and sometimes it just doesn’t event come out.

Has anyone experience something similar?

What should I do?

It is Ok, If I may suggest: go to the Issues tab (the browser must focused in the ChatGPT tab with your new working account logged in) - search for some “red letters” errors - it is not a big deal, these errors will not stop accessing ChatGPT - you will see these are user-agent reduction-related errors, I mean, the things are not necessarily right as we may think.

It’s the same as the Chrome. Remember, the issue was my browser, otherwise it would’ve logged in when I had it tried in the 2 different states on different computers.

@AlexDeM By the way, I’m able to log into Also, the idea that I used up my token allowance for the month and having to wait for it to reset on the 1st isn’t accurate. It shows that I’ve only used $0.06 of my $18 trial limit.

Yes, the ChatGPT side I believe has some additional security.

The last error seems interesting to me. I believe it’s saying that something was promised to return, but it never happened (which would indicate to me that something on the server-side is erroring)

So we can rule out the 8000 tokens per month limit and being locked out until the 1st. Today’s the 1st and I still can’t access the account.

We can also rule out the browser issue or cookies because I’ve had 2 different people in 2 different states try to log into my account and that didn’t work.

I can log into Platform & Playground under the email. So that means that the account still exists. And when I look at my usage, I was well below the 8000 tokens for the month.