Can't get ChatGPT to count characters correctly when rewriting/summarizing

I am creating a website that takes for example news headlines/tweets/blog posts, and then summarizes the title to 38 characters in size. I have tried making a plugin, and using the chatgpt website aswell, but keep getting incorrect results. Please see an example below

If i asked ChatGPT to:

summarize “Many parts of the UK are officially experiencing a heatwave as temperatures continue to climb to 30C” to exactly 38 characters

It replies with:
“UK heatwave: 30C+ temps” , which is only 23 characters, not the 38 i requested. If i keep asking and telling it is incorrect, i may get a correct answer after around 10 attempts.

For the website i am creating, i am wanting a 100% success rate, even 95% would do.

Does anybody have any suggestions to how i can improve the accuracy? Whether its the terminology that i’m using, does ChatGPT prefer if i asked in a certain way?

Thanks in advance for any help

There’s a number of other threads on the topic, generally it’s not something GPT is good at

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