Can't continue Shared Conversations cause ChatGPT won't recognize I'm logged in

I’m trying to Continue a conversation of a coworker who just shared his conversation with me. I can see the full convo, but can’t continue it on my account.

There’s a top bar saying that I can open the app, but clicking there opens the desktop app and nothing happens (ChatGPT’s desktop app for mac is super buggy in general anyways). I should be able to see a green button on the bottom that says “Continue Conversation”, I’ve seen it before. But, instead I see a “Get started with ChatGPT” button. So it looks like when using the Shared Conversation link, the web app won’t recognize I’m logged in to my OpenAI account?

BTW, I have a ChatGPT Plus account. Tried both on Safari and Chrome.

Any ideas to troubleshoot this?