Can't access "Manage Subscription" on browser and iOS app

I have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus (Personal) via the website and now I want to change the payment method but “Manage my Subscription” in “My Plan” has been replaced with “Manage my subscription in the ChatGPT iOS app” (redirects to the FAQ page) as shown in the screenshot. I haven’t subscribed via the iOS app so I don’t see or can manage anything there. I have tried logging-in via incognito and also cleared cookies and cache and I see the same options. This issue should be of utmost concern because now people can’t cancel their subscription either.

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Same issue. Not that i want to cancel, but I need to for financial puproses. It appears that it’s impossible to access your invoices or “subscription” settings via a phone. Seems like a huge oversight.

The same problem!!! I clearly remember that I subscribed on the website, but they insist I go to iOS to cancel the plan. I don’t understand why it has to be this way. Is this to force us to download their app?

So what did you do afterwards? download the app, log in, and then cancel the order?