Can't access account history prior to previous 7 days

hey there,

I am running into the issue of no longer being able to access my previous chats, I am only able to see “today” and “last days”.

Anyone else running into the issue and is there a workaround?

You can do a hard refresh, holding down ctrl or shift depending on browser, and pressing refresh in the browser tool bar.

If the chats don’t come back: has someone been deleting them?

Are there other symptoms of intrusion, like you can’t use GPT-4 for more than a few turns if a Plus subscriber? You refresh and see unexpected chat titles for an instant?

I would assume the worst, especially if falling victim to third party extensions or apps that aim to steal passwords. If you logout and return to the login screen, you’ll be able to get an email password reset by selecting “forgot password”. Others still might not be logged out of a browser session for a while.

I tried doing a hard refresh, exporting the data as well as login from different browsers and even on mobile phone i am experiencing the same issue.

Are you indicating that the account was hacked? Is there any way for me to see if messages have been deleted recently?

There is nothing in the UI that could hide part of the conversation.

A database problem that stops at a particular time for one user would be a especially odd and very unlikely thing.

There is an “archive” feature now where messages can be moved instead of purely deleted, so you can check under settings, manage archive chats. But that still would take having selected them individually to not have archived or deleted everything.

Another possibility is that you may have accidentally clicked the “Archive all chats” button.

If that’s the case, you can view the list of archived chats by clicking the “Archived chats” button, and you can restore them from there.