Cannot subscribe, Payment Failure: "Your card's security code is incorrect."

I’ve tried to subscribe to chatGPT plus but each time I try to process my credit card I get the error “Your card’s security code is incorrect.”

However, I have 6 pending charges on my credit card. I’ve called my credit card provider and they confirmed all of the data I entered on the payment form is correct. Furthermore there is nothing on my card provider’s end that would prevent the transaction.

I’ve contacted openAI support but no response.

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Exactly the same problem for me.

Very frustrating and no response from OpenAI support.

Not acceptable.

Same problem. No solution was given by OpenAI.

Same here. It is not accepting the correct security code.

As of today the payment worked for me, I was able to upgrade.

Although I had the option to upgrade in my chatGPT window, I also submitted an application to get access to chatGPT from within the website. I’m not sure if signing up on the form had any effect.

Same, except it charged me every time and I’m out $66usd even though ‘the security code was incorrect’, yet I don’t have a subscription

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Same issue. It occured with virtual cards generated by my bank. Please, take my money !!

I have the same probleme they took the money from my bank account twice did you find any solution after this

They do not have a support team. That’s what I’m thinking. I am also having the same issue. The last two days, my card has not worked, and today’s security code is incorrect. They created the product without any support.

Same issue I’m facing here. Disappointing support from Open Ai team.

I am having the same issue, has Open AI’s team provided a response?